Tehniline info

Support truck
    Water tanks, pumps and generators
    ~8 tons of water used each day
    50-60 men can wash and steam every day
    Resting area in a heated tent
    Washing machines and dryers
    Up to 50 uniforms per day
Wood-burning sauna
A professional sauna producer is building a wood-burning sauna to a 6m shipping container, supplied with a heater from HUUM OÜ. The truck may contain also 3 shower stalls if the unit wishes it.
Laundromat in a container
The laundromat container already tested and tried by Estonian Defence Forces includes 5 washing machines and 5 dryers. The container includes a water tank and an electric generator.
On the front line, 3 trucks cannot be placed next to each other without raising suspicion from the enemies. This means that the Sauna and Laundromat need to be supplied separately with water and electricity. The complex is supplied with camoflage nets.
Options to develop your own complex
Option 1
Option 1Just a perfect heated sauna without showers
Option 2
Option 2A sauna with showers
Option 3
Option 3A laundry
Option 4
Option 4A complex with a heated rest area