Our contacts

Behind the project "Saunas For Ukraine" stands an Estonian NGO "Saunad Ukrainasse". This special organisation unites around the common mission different Estonian sauna producers and members of Estonian Defence League. Today we invite people from around the world to join us.

Our team consists of people who are unified by Estonian Defence League, love for sauna and a wish to help Ukraine. We are mostly composed of people working in the private sector who are working on this project pro bono.

Ilmar Raag

  • An international film director who personal humanistic understanding about military missions. 
  • CEO of MTÜ Saunad Ukrainasse, member of Estonian Defence League in Tallinn. ilmar.raag@gmail.com

Kersti Siilivask

 Project coordinator

Siim Nellis

  • The rising star in the world sauna production. He has treated sauna as a startup and success smiled him. 
  • Sauna and Laundromat production manager, manager of HUUM OÜ, member of Estonian Defence League in Tartu, siim.nellis@outlook.com

Alfer Hallika

  • Backbone of careful planning. A private entrepreneur who graduated number 1 from the non-commissioned officer courses in school of EDL.
  • Logistics manager, member of Estonian Defence League Toompea district, alfred.hallika@gmail.com

Jan Kotka

  • COO of Magnetic MRO AS. He knows everything about the Aircraft Maintenance. In our sauna project, he is Financial manager. 
  • Member of Estonian Defence League Toompea district, jan.kotka5@gmail.com

Mirko Kikkamägi

  • He is not just a lawyer, he is a promising lawyer in TGS Baltic. 
  • Member of Estonian Defence League Toompea district, mirko.kikkamagi@gmail.com

Himot Ilus

Project is led by