Our report of the 4rd Sauna Complex is ready

If there’s anything to comment on, this report proves a fundamental principle of production: for larger orders, the cost price of each complex will be slightly lower. Currently, we’ve been treating each sauna complex as a separate project, but in the long run, optimization is necessary. For example, some additional washing machines and dryers were purchased for the previous complex, which we could utilize this time. From an accounting perspective, this raises a minor theoretical question about which complex these machines should be allocated to, but ultimately, it’s just a matter of paperwork. Similarly, VAT refunds play a crucial role in the creation of each subsequent complex. 

Finally, we must always express our gratitude to the sponsors mentioned in our report. Last Sunday, our team visited Alatskivi and met with the local Saunas For Ukraine support team. Once again, I received confirmation that with people like them, mountains can be moved. A deep bow. Another profound bow goes to our team, who works voluntarily.

The production of the 5th complex is already on the way.

You can find our report of the 4rd here ››  (Only in Estonian so far, but AI will help you to translate, if needed.)