Crimean Tatars voluntary battalion gets our next sauna complex

Project „Saunas for Ukraine“ will build and deliver the next Sauna and Laundry complex to the Ukrainian army battalion number 251. This battalion is better known as Crimean-Tatars voluntary battalion.
The battalion carries the true spirit of the Ukrainian fight for its freedom. Most of its members fight for the right to return to their homeland. This battalion's story stems from the Tatar community's long history on the Crimean peninsula. They lived there before the Russians, but Crimean Tatars were also heavy-handedly repressed by the Soviet regime.
The Russian security service FSB declared this battalion a terrorist organization on July 21, 2022, as it was fighting to reverse Russian rule in Crimea. Estonian volunteers have helped the Crimean-Tatars battalion in their fight before, as Estonians remember the annexation of Estonia by the Russian regime in 1940.
The next Saunas for Ukraine complex is planned to be finished by the beginning of March. The exact delivery date will depend on the tactical situation on the frontline.
A long list of Ukrainian units would like to receive sauna and laundry complexes to support their fighters' physical and mental well-being. Estonian NGO Saunas for Ukraine calls all sauna lovers and friends of Ukraine around the world to join our initiative and donate. Let's collect 1,5M euros to deliver sauna and laundry complexes serving 5000 people to Ukrainian fighters.