We will plan, build and deliver 10 sauna complexes
fit for battalion-sized units in Ukraine.
Let's collect 1.5 million euros!

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The second sauna and laundry complex was sent off to the Ukrainian frontlineThe second mobile sauna and laundry complex built to combat frontline units was sent to Ukraine on Thursday (March 17th). The complex can provide sauna and washing facilities for 50-60 fighters and clean 50 dirty combat uniforms in one day.The project started in the autumn of 2022 to alleviate the harsh conditions at the front during winter. As important as is washing and warming up, fighters have the opportunity to de-stress in the sauna and experience a moment of relaxation. The first complex was sent to a unit called Karpatska Sich at the end of December 2022. The goal is to prepare a total of ten complexes for the Ukrainian army, which would be able to serve at least 5,000 fighters every month.Each new sauna and laundry complex is built in cooperation with a specific battalion taking into account the unit's realistic needs. The Crimean Tatar volunteer fighters battalion will receive the sauna complex consisting of two connected containers transported by one vehicle. This makes it possible for the unit to move and relocate the whole complex with minimum effort and time.One of the project's leaders, HUUM OÜ, is responsible for the technical solution of each complex. Several well-known Estonian sauna manufacturers have also joined the initiative at their request, including Saunasell OÜ, which constructed the sauna house in the container.Participants of the "Saunas to Ukraine" initiative contribute their resources to the joint activity and invite other companies and foundations worldwide to join. The non-profit organization Saunad Ukrainasse has been established to carry out the project, with international honorary members also participating in its work.The Estonian Defense League, Slava Ukraini MTÜ, and HUUM OÜ initiated the idea of bringing sauna complexes to the front. Today, it has grown into the independent NGO Saunad Ukrainasse. Donate: Read more
Crimean Tatars voluntary battalion gets our next sauna complexProject „Saunas for Ukraine“ will build and deliver the next Sauna and Laundry complex to the Ukrainian army battalion number 251. This battalion is better known as Crimean-Tatars voluntary battalion. The battalion carries the true spirit of the Ukrainian fight for its freedom. Most of its members fight for the right to return to their homeland. This battalion's story stems from the Tatar community's long history on the Crimean peninsula. They lived there before the Russians, but Crimean Tatars were also heavy-handedly repressed by the Soviet regime. The Russian security service FSB declared this battalion a terrorist organization on July 21, 2022, as it was fighting to reverse Russian rule in Crimea. Estonian volunteers have helped the Crimean-Tatars battalion in their fight before, as Estonians remember the annexation of Estonia by the Russian regime in 1940. The next Saunas for Ukraine complex is planned to be finished by the beginning of March. The exact delivery date will depend on the tactical situation on the frontline. A long list of Ukrainian units would like to receive sauna and laundry complexes to support their fighters' physical and mental well-being. Estonian NGO Saunas for Ukraine calls all sauna lovers and friends of Ukraine around the world to join our initiative and donate. Let's collect 1,5M euros to deliver sauna and laundry complexes serving 5000 people to Ukrainian fighters.Read more
Martin HeremCommander of Estonian Defence Forces is talking about the saunaRead more
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Most fighters spend their days in trenches
Many ukrainian fighters are in the trenches every day, under fire from enemy artillery and tanks, but they remain defiant. The situation is reminiscent of the first world war where soldiers can too easily get sick just from the absence of hygiene.
Ukraine has to fight with in the rain and in the snow
Winters in Eastern Ukraine can reach temperatures as low as -20 degrees. Despite the offensive efforts by Ukraine, they need to be prepared to continue liberating and defending Ukraine throughout winter and beyond.
There are no organized washing facilities
Most of the Ukrainian units don't have centrally organised washing facilities. "Last time, I washed myself was a month ago," explained a soldier to us near Bahmut. Uniforms have to be washed by hand and infrequently. Living in constant damp conditions affects the morale of defenders.

Rest & clean

Main concept: 3 trucks
    50-60 men can wash and steam every day
    Resting area in a heated tent
    Washing machines and dryers
    Up to 50 uniforms per day
Support truck
    Water tanks, pumps and generators
    ~8 tons of water used each day
Technical details
Take a look at the mobile sauna & laundry complex options we are delivering to Ukraine

The design of saunas is constantly evolving based on Ukrainan defenders' feedback and is tailored to the specific requirements of each unit.

Behind the project 'Saunas For Ukraine' stands an Estonian NGO 'Saunad Ukrainasse'

This special organisation unites around the common mission different Estonian sauna producers and members of Estonian Defence League. Today we invite people around the world to join us.